Slenderman & Myths


They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. 2 Timothy 4:4

Modern people don't believe in myths, right?

Well, you probably heard about the two Wisconsin girls who are facing charges for attempting to murder their "friend" by stabbing her multiple times. They allegedly committed this heinous act, in part, due to their fascination with the popular internet horror figure called Slenderman. Slenderman is an unnaturally thin character with long, tentacle like arms and little or no facial features who terrorizes and murders people. For the two girls, Slenderman is not merely the creation of internet, but is quite real, and were convinced their act of murder would gain his approval.

Obviously this is an extreme case, but nevertheless, points to a lingering issue in our world -people still believe in myths. We may call them urban legends and internet hoaxes but they are, in fact, myths. Technology has changed the way these myths are communicated, but in the end, it seems we are not all that different from our ancient forefathers telling tales of dragons and unicorns.

People need something to believe in. However, when their faith is not directed toward the truth revealed in the Word of God, it will find something to adhere to, even if it is a strange, murdering character found on internet pages and videos. Therefore, this story of attempted murder ultimately serves as another tragic example of why we all need the Scriptures to discern the truth from the myths.

In Christ,

Pastor Dave



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