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  1. Hope values the Word of God. That is what prompted Hope to begin as a congregation. We valued the Word of God and were concerned with what we perceived to be an abandoning of the Word of God by the denomination many were formerly members of.
  2. Hope values Lutheran Theology. We are committed to the classic Lutheran theology described in our constitution and in the Lutheran Confessions (Book of Concord).
  3. Hope is the result of a grass roots effort. Hope did not begin with the support of a larger organization, but rather with the Holy Spirit guiding people who had no knowledge or training in planting a new congregation
  4. Hope embraces both traditional and non-traditional forms of being the church. For example, Hope's worship service utilizes both ancient hymns and more modern praise songs.
  5. Hope is a rural congregation. Hope's local mission field is rural, encompassing Marathon and Clark counties in North Central Wisconsin.